Nomadic humanitarian on a quest for , specifically for traditionally disadvantaged people.

Interact with me here if you want to get active against perpetuating our current societal biases in the digital sphere.

(P.s. Show some love for the mini mastodon 🐘 😄 )

@jules welcome. sounds good.
But would you mind to explain the context of the image?
I just see an animal with a chain /rope around their neg. Usualy that's linked to some sort of slavery. Only very view times it's linked to care taking imho.

@paulfree14 Hi dear, the picture was taken at a rescue center for former enslaved elephants in Chiang Mai. The picture felt suiting in this context due to the Mastodon logo. But, I do agree with the large room for misinterpretation & now disagree with e.g. the sanctuaries daily 'mud baths' organised for tourists, which cause the elephants skin to dry out faster... Although, I saw with how much love, care, medicine, food (..) they treated the animals, it isn't an ideal image/sustainable solution.

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