@paulfree14 Hi dear, the picture was taken at a rescue center for former enslaved elephants in Chiang Mai. The picture felt suiting in this context due to the Mastodon logo. But, I do agree with the large room for misinterpretation & now disagree with e.g. the sanctuaries daily 'mud baths' organised for tourists, which cause the elephants skin to dry out faster... Although, I saw with how much love, care, medicine, food (..) they treated the animals, it isn't an ideal image/sustainable solution.


“The majority of people are too…”

No. Stop right there.

If you have a system set up by wolves that overwhelmingly benefits wolves and, furthermore, does so by exploiting the sheep, you cannot blame the sheep. The sheep are the victims. The blame lies solely with the wolves.

You do not birth someone into a unconscionably unequal environment and then blame them for not being strong enough to revolt against their oppressors. The blame lies always with the oppressor, never with the victim.

@aral I love this Aral! I saw too many (supposedly) great minds falling into apathy due to doubts in humanity or into wrath over the middle classes inertia. Self-evidently its mostly people from very educated, western backgrounds..

Unfortunately, this predisposition is clearly no key ingredient in the revolution recipe, either ;-)

Great initiative by Code4Hamburg (codeforhamburg.org/), to invite and explore with the Senate, GDI, Transparenzportal & +60 citizens how to make more public data open & reusable ♻️ 👏🏼🌿 II My personal favourite from Urban Data Night --> offenerhaushalt.de/ (looking at what the German state budget is spent on... 🙄 )

#Nationalism [19th century] "is founded on treating #knowledge not as something that should be shared, as a basis for some kind of consensus through publishing, through contributing knowledge to the common good. Knowledge starts to be treated as some kind of #commodity

A key issue in the 17th century #ScientificRevolution…was that #research findings had to be made #open to the community. The same thing with #accounting & #statistics. They’re there for the public."


Capitalism in a nutshell:

1. Invest all money in businesses that exploit natural resources (the environment/people) in an unquenchable, shortsighted & illogical thirst for perpetual growth within a closed system.

2. When ramifications become visible, blame the people forced to patronise those businesses due to lack of alternatives for being irresponsible in their personal consumption choices.

Rinse and repeat until we all die because we’ve destroyed our habitat.

So, how’s your week going? :)

Nomadic humanitarian on a quest for , specifically for traditionally disadvantaged people.

Interact with me here if you want to get active against perpetuating our current societal biases in the digital sphere. radicle.space

(P.s. Show some love for the mini mastodon 🐘 😄 )

"The text of #Article13 and the EU Copyright Directive has just been finalised" /by @Senficon@twitter.com

1. Look up your representatives’ voting behavior at SaveYourInternet.eu

2. Call or visit your MEPs’ offices europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/hom


@rash Ich bin auf der Suche nach der/dem Designkunstler dieses Bildes.. Bin ich bei dir richtig? :-) Ich wuerde es gerne als hero image fur meine instance (radicle.space) nutzen. Aber kann nicht erkennen ob es unter CC License veroffentlicht wurde.. :-) Wurde mich freuen von dir zuhoren...

Coucou Fedivsere, so happy to join the network today! Via my instance, radicle.space, I aim to better understand what humans actually need and to collaborate for designing innovative strategies to meet these needs on a local and global level 🤝 🌍
Let's challenge the status quo!

@jules PS. Have been following + love what you’re doing with HackYourFuture.

@aral thank you! I'm also beyond excited with the community it became for locals and newbies alike... All owing to the open source curriculum developed 2015 in NL ;-) !

@aral thank you Aral! I look forward to diving in headfirst 🌊 ✌️

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